Operation Win, Inc. empowers women to own their power and celebrates their unique talents, traits and beauty.  Miss Black Houston defines her own standard of beauty and celebrates the whole women, mind, body and spirit, all shades of brown, hair texture and size.

Our Story

Rich in history and social significance, the Miss Black Houston Pageant System has maintained a tradition for more than three decades of empowering young people to achieve their personal and professional goals, while providing a forum in which to express their opinions, talent and intelligence. Each year the pageant provides participants with exciting new experiences, talents, accomplishments, successes, elegance, beauty, networking opportunities and building positive relationships and friendships.

It is the mission of the Miss Black Houston Pageant System to provide educational opportunities to outstanding young women of color and to develop the “whole woman mind, body, and spirit. We celebrate scholastic achievement and believe that education is the key to lifelong success and empowerment. We promote education and leadership by providing scholarships opportunities to its winners.

The Miss Black Houston Pageant is a community driven organization and is committed to addressing health and education, two leading social issues in the African American community. The winners of the official “Miss Black Houston” pageant will use her civic platform to promote awareness of these issues during her reign.

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