Name: Symone Pellerin

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Date of Birth: January 14,1991


Education: Texas Southern University- Current Graduate Student- Masters in Business Administration, B.A Texas Southern University-Liberal  Arts, Willowridge High School


Platform Issue: You Are Worth It: Promoting Self-Worth and Confidence


Scholastic Honors:  Obtain a Masters of Business Administration


Leadership Roles:  Co-Captain for TSU Cheer team, Lead Volunteer for Interfaith Ministries, Feed the Homeless, and Meals on Wheels, Mentor for 30 day monthly Women Fitness Challenge group

Accomplishments:  Honor Roll 4 yrs. Undergrad, Kids & Dance Studio: Won regional Dance competitions; Cheerleader and Dancer with TSU teams, Willowridge:Miss Class & Character; 3rd round Finalist for 2014 Houston Rockets Dance Team, Performer for Grand-Opening of Hotel ZaZa, Opening Act for Mr. Knowles House of Dereon Talent Showcase


Interesting Facts:  First grand-child to obtain a Master's Degree, Oldest of seven children, First Freshman Majorette at Willowridge High School, I've had Glaucoma since I was 12 years old, which is usually found in a much older individual.


Employment:  Texas Southern University: Tour Coordinator 2015-current


How has the world you come from shaped your dreams and aspirations?

I truly come from a hardworking,supportive, and loving family that has always made it known that they would help me if I just did the right thing. Growing up my mom always made sure I kept good company and instilled in me that I did not have to compromise my morals for anyone. My family constantly reminded me that God always provides and make away. I know it is because of the examples my family has delivered; it shaped and molded me into the kind hearted women I am today. I strive to utilize everything within me to give back each day and to one day have my Non-profit up and running. One day I too look forward to having a God-fearing husband and beautiful children to share my wisdom and happiness with here on earth and sharing the same values my family has given me.

Of all the ways you could succeed in your life, why have you chosen to succeed in Miss Black Houston Pageant?

Miss Black Houston Pageant has been allowing women to fulfill their dreams for a very long time. lf l was to become Miss Black Houston I have no doubt that my voice would be heard and the message I would like to relay for my platform wouldn't go unnoticed . Raising awareness of the need for Self-worth and Confidence is a major key for me, and Miss Black Houston would provide the perfect platform.


What social issue, other than you platform, will have the greatest impact on your generation and why?

I would say a major social issue that will have an impact on my generation would be Food and Water security. I say this because of the simple fact that everything we are consuming is becoming Genetically Modified (GMO). This is a key factor to the development of our bodies- our brains- the unborn- education- it plays a major factor to the way we develop! There is no reason Flint Michigan should still be in a water crisis. If something doesn't get done as far as labeling the foods and simply putting more natural foods on the market. My generation is forced to settle for less than we deserve!

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