Venisha Watts


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Name:   Venisha Watts

Hometown:    Houston , Texas

Platform Issue:  Expanding the Mind in Foster Care Scholastic/Career  Ambition:  Obtain a Masters Business Administration

Scholastic Honors:   My goal  is to graduate from the University of Houston  with  Honors

Leadership Roles:   Choreographed and directed youth cheerleading and dance team for the Missouri City Colts and Missouri City Raiders; Mi me and Praise Dancer for New Hope Baptist Church.

Accomplishments:  3-First pl ace trophies for Missouri City Colts; 2-First place trophies for Missouri City Raiders

Interesting Facts:  First person on either side of my family to attend college; I enjoy listening to inspirational speakers and empowering youth throughout our nation to believe in themselves and fol low their passion .

Employment:   Client  Experience Manager  at BBVA  Compass Bank


How has the world you come from shaped your dreams and aspirations?

Watching my mother raise four children as single black woman taught me the importance of believing i n myself and never giving up.  No matter what type of obstacles I may face, I cannot allow those obstacles to define who I am .  In order to pursue my goal s and dreams, I must stay focus at all ti mes.  My moth er is the true essence of what a black woman represents .  She is encouraging, empowering, understanding, courageous. elegant, strong minded, unique, ambitious and most of all spiritually connected .  In my 27 years of life, my mother has instilled all of those characteristics with i n me. Now that I am a proud mother of my precious son , Julius; I have the same opportunity to help hi m grow into a well-rounded, fierce, respectable and educated young man .


Of all the ways you could succeed in your life, why have you chosen to succeed in the MBH Pageant?

I have chosen to succeed in the Miss Black Houston Pageant, because it allows me an opportunity to be role model and create a positive change through out the City of Houston . I have the ability to empower several people through various speaking engagements, community outreach events and the Hand and Hand Program.  By becoming The First Ms. Black Houston , it will provide me with opportunity to stand before the public as a living testimony to what accomplishing a goal looks like. I’ve always wanted to be the first black woman to achieve something meaningful.  I thought my opportunity to compete was over after becoming a mother, but The Miss Black Houston Organization created a new category allowing me to compete.  Here I am!  I’m ready to fulfill m y God given purpose, to create positive change throughout the City of Houston one day at a time.


What social issue, other than your platform , will have the greatest impact on your generation and why?

In today ‘s society, there are various social issues effecting our generation and the next generation to come.  For instance, social media- has had a profound negative and positive effect on all generations.  Social media prov ides an outlet for people to con verse, share pictures, life stories and current events.  However , some people misuse and abuse their social media privileges by sharing or doing inappropriate things; which gives social media a bad rap at times.  When used appropriately, it allows people to connect and help one another to grow and aspire to be their very best.

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