Nyah Lashley

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Education: Patricia E. Paetow High School, T.H. McDonald Junior High School, Fondren Middle School, Valley West Elementary School

Platform Issue: Jobs Don’t Have Genders

Scholastic/Career Ambition: To become a Mechanical Engineer

Talent: Dance

Scholastic Honors: Taking Advanced Placement classes; Future Farmers of America (FFA) Award

Leadership Roles: Member of Girl Scouts; Junior High School Cheerleader 2015-2017; Volleyball MVP 2017-2018;

Accomplishments: Participated in the Crossroads Dance Performance with Paetow Dance class at the Merrill Center, attended numerous wool judging competitions for Future Farmers of America (FFA)

Interesting Facts: Attended a dance seminar with Alvin Ailey Dancers.  I am an aunt of two nephews and one niece!

Marketing Plan: The best way to reach young people is through social media.  Being involved with the Miss Black Teen Houston Pageant will enable me to be the spokesperson for the organization.  The Miss Black Teen Houston Program was created to give teens an avenue to develop their speaking skills and a forum to present their viewpoints.  As Miss Black Teen Houston 2019, I would market the organization by making appearances and promoting my platform on social media to young women throughout communities nationwide.

Legacy: I want to be known as the Miss Black Teen Houston who helped aspire young girls to dream big and do what you believe in.  Young girls are often afraid to go after their dreams, I want to be the Miss Black Houston Teen that inspires and encourages them to pursue their dreams and make a difference in our community.

Why I should be Miss Black Teen Houston 2019: I would be a good choice for Miss Black Teen Houston because I possess the confidence, speaking skills, and poise that it takes to be a local titleholder.  Also, I would love to have the opportunity to utilize the title of Miss Black Teen Houston to promote my platform of “Jobs Don’t Have a Gender” throughout Houston and the state of Texas.

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