If you are:
  • Single
  • naturally born a female
  • never married/never given birth to a child/not a parent
  • of Black/African American or African descent
  • a United States citizen
  • a resident of the state of Texas
  • at least 14 and under 19 years of age as of January 1, 2017
…we invite you to apply!


As a TEEN contestant, you will be judged in three equal categories consisting of:
Personal Interview
Athletic Wear
Evening Gown

There is no performing talent competition and no experience is necessary. You must provide your competition wardrobe.

Each contestant will need to provide two 5 x 7 color photos. Head or head and shoulders photo, of the same pose, printed vertically, no hats, hands or other added accessories, excluding jewelry. These photos will not be returned to you.


Rules and Regulations Affidavits:
These will be provided for signature after your application is accepted.

***Deadline to Enter is June 30, 2017***

(NOTE: The Miss Black Teen Texas Pageant is accepting applications from All Houston surrounding areas, Austin, Dallas, Beaumont, El Paso, and San Antonio.  If your city/county is not listed please email info@OperationWin.com to determine eligibility)